Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a year's worth of difference

i was out on campus today for the iuncg planning meeting...i will be doing two beds instead of the one i have already started which will allow me to devote one to asparagus alone and will provide homes for more then twelve of the forty-one plants i have up and running all over this house ( some under the grow light...some in natural light just to see if there's a difference in the way they develop...will keep an eye on that after they are in the ground as well )...the other bed will be devoted to maize and the tesointe ( if it germinates ) and a side of potatoes...both beds will be getting a dose of green manures as well...planning some hopi blue maize for sure but am thinking of perhaps some red dent and some blue and white speckled mandan if i can find seed...if not some sweet corn will do in a pinch just to give a contrast between heirloom and "improved" varieties...either way it falls i'm looking forward to it...last yer at this time temperatures were in the eighties ( fahrenheit ) today it is twenty-seven degrees...a somewhat more typical indiana spring...despite the cold the teosinte shoot continues to advance, showing signs of developing a second leaf while the wheat grass from kansas is still chugging along unperturbed by the cold...the eastern gamagrass continues to "green up" and will be up for another season directly...i have to wonder if it will indulge in another reproductive frenzy this year...waiting for the weather to break to do more work on bed preparation both on campus and at home...this entails a bit more work but only marginally so...i will be on campus all summer anyway and another sixty-four square feet of space is more to work with and all in a good's a transitional moment...between winter research and spring in the patience is wearing...more as it comes up.

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