Thursday, November 6, 2014

four years

kathy never failed to make me feel special...i must have been a nuisance at times...i never hesitated to load up her email in box...but she always answered...ill or may have taken time but she never scolded me or told me to back off...she could ( and was ) be as over the top on things as i can be times...we fed off on another...i wasn't the only one she made feel like the center of attention...i have run across a few people who felt the same way...and part of that was she liked the attention too...she enjoyed the reciprocity and that was just fine with me..she loved to have lots of people around...when i once told her that there were times i just wanted to be let alone she responded...with some incredulity...that she never wanted to be alone and that she loved the "gypsy traffic" that moved through her home..i got to be part of that gypsy traffic and i am grateful for the opportunity...four short years that seem a lot longer at times...take good care kathy...miss you.

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