Sunday, November 16, 2014

one day later

the differences in the garden between yesterday and today are subtle...and some just may be things i did not notice yesterday...but there are still differences...true the bean wall is still gone, the clover is still ( mostly ) laying down, and the asparagus by the worm tower is still green...but the first year asparagus in some other beds has begun to pull in its chlorophyll for the winter ( top two photos )...cold hardy or not, that season will end soon enough...and speaking of cold hardy, i found a lively looking yellow pea plant ( third photo ) still up and running today...peas are cold hardy as well but with temperatures as low as they have been at night we would have expected this one to be done...not yet though...i shelled most of the bean pods i collected yesterday ( some still need to dry out a bit so the totals aren't final ) far the unharvested beans have yielded 2 3/8 ounces of seed...that translates into 265 bean plants if they all are viable ( yes, i counted them )...we will not have to purchase bean seed in the spring...and we can share as difference between yesterday and today i am certain of...there was no snow on the clover when i stopped by yesterday after work.

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