Wednesday, November 26, 2014

many crazy grasses

the indoor teosinte is looking robust in aggregate ( top photo )...and individual plants are looking just fine as well..the second photo is of a plant grown from seed harvested in my back yard last autumn ( there is seed out there now but i haven't brought it in yet...more on that a bit later )...the third photo is of one derived from 2012 native seed search seed supplies...and the bottom photo is of a very pleasing specimen of zea mexicana derived from usda seed from 2010...there was fairly low germination of this in the test germinations but obviously there is still viable seed in the batch...i "naturalized' quite a bit f it in my back yard earlier this month in hopes that wintering over will aid germination outdoors in the spring...a new variety of teosinte out there would be fairly cool...perhaps lessons learned concenring watering and photo period from past failures are beginning to pay off here...this si a much healthier indoor season so far than any past one...there is room for disaster yet but there's room for hope as well.

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