Friday, November 14, 2014

wealth beyond avarice

the teosinte seeds are basking in the cold ( a cheap excuse to post the top two photos ) and i have turned on the lights for the plants in the basement to keep things moving...and i thought that was about it for gardening tonight until i looked at the mail...there was an envelope addressed to me from my friend fern and when i opened it i discovered eight smaller envelopes of heirloom seeds and a note saying use or regift...well i will use them and share them in a couple of ways...i will be offering them to anyone who wants to plant them in the community garden come spring ( earlier for some of them so they can be started )...i will plant some at home...and i can think of a couple of people like parker and the coach who might be interested in some what are they? the third photo is of some wapsipinicon peach tomato seeds and the fourth is of some lemon cucumbers which is an heirloom dating back to 1894 ( a year before my grandfather was born )..."but you said eight envelopes" you say, "what are the rest?" okay...piel de sapo melons, tiny tim cherry tomatoes, big rainbow tomatoes, black krim tomatoes, nebraska wedding tomatoes, and green zelona tomeatoes...lots of tomatoes in the garden in 2015...what do i have in the way of reciprocity? well..there are skirret and sea kale seeds i have promised...and i have a few more surprises on the way..and the fifth photo is of some potato seeds rendered by an obliging early genetically diverse as apples there's not telling what those seeds could produce...fernie says she isn't much of a potato grower if memory serves me right...well i am a spud maven ( see i am not fixated on teosinte )and it may be time to move her in that direction...thanks fern! these will be put to good use in gardens around northwest indiana.

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