Sunday, March 26, 2017

four spears

it has been raining here ( still in different amounts in different areas of my back yard ) so it was too wet to dig my bed again...i went to the garden anyway just to see what was up...and what was up was ( and is ) asparagus even though, from a distance, the trench looks the week since i opened the bed four spears have emerged and, if you look closely, you can see more emergent spears just at the soil surface...the asparagus is harvestable this year so we will be checking in to make sure it doesn't get too big and woody...from now until june or so the season is on...the photos end with something i am always happy to see in a garden bed...the rain has driven an earthworm tot he surface of the asparagus bed where it is resting ( and not drowning )...a very pleasing discovery on a march morning in early spring..we will take all of these we can get.

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