Wednesday, March 29, 2017

ninth day of spring

spring is nine days old and, while there are things going on out back, growth at the moment is pretty much limited to cold weather crops...the biggest piece of news today is there are more ramps up ( about time...they were far earlier last season ) in all now ( some in the top three photos )and , hopefully, many more to come ( with flowers and seeds please...we will, i think, let it seed itself this year ) i imagining things or has the new asparagus grown a but today? ( fourth ) over on the south side of the house the egyptian walking onions ( fifth ) are robust and the garlic patch seems to be much happier with my light touch mulch this season ( sixth and seventh )...there is some news ( but no photos ) to report on the emmer wheat front as well...the seed i can see is turning white on the ends...a sure sign of impending soon as something photogenic pops up there will be images.


  1. No show from the ramps here...will keep you posted.

    1. thanks...please let me know what comes up.