Tuesday, March 14, 2017

lake effect shift

in february the "offical" high was between 51 and 69 degrees fahrenheit for fifteen days of the month ( it was warmer in my back yard most of those days )...six days before spring and winter has decided to make a return...even if briefly...this i snot an organized blizzard...it is lake effect snow...when you live at the south end of the inland sea and the temperature and the wind are in the proper relationship the air picks up moisture from the lake and deposits it in waves as snow...it is intermittent...but i can be very heavy in those "snow events"...usually it migrates from west ( it was snowing north of chicago this morning ) to east into michigan...buffalo new york has much the same issue with snow from lake erie only, seemingly, much more of it...the back yard is under snow again...too late for the winter wheat i am afraid...it is all part of a slow change in the climate here...one hopes it does not become more precipitous...one suspects it will...there is mischief afoot and the climate won't stand for it much longer.

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