Tuesday, March 28, 2017

small victory

http://gardenengineer.blogspot.com/2016/06/viability.html the asparagus that i found growing in the bed of my truck last summer that had sprouted from seed from the asparagus that had sprouted in the perennial garden project and which i transplanted to the bed at the back of the yard here ( top photo ) did fairly well last season...it grew to about eight inches in height and died back ( second photo )...when i went out to check on the plant this evening i found...a spear..it has successfully overwintered and will be growing, "ferning", and feeding the roots ( with all the compost it wants )...so..in a roundabout way a perennial plant that was originally in the perennial garden project has an offspring in a bed in my yard...and so a bit...a tiny bit of a project that kathy was fully supportive of...and so a sliver of kathy herself has come to my yard...a small victory...follow the link to see the original planting.

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