Thursday, March 30, 2017

wheat, mashua, yacon, and a bit of rain

it has rained here...over two inches in less than twenty-four hours...and the temperatures are in the fifties (fahrenheit) the emmer wheat in the top three photos is germinating happily which makes me sign of the syrian dwarf wheat hasn't been a week...we will wait...beyond that mashua tubers ( fourth and fifth ) and yacon rhizomes ( sixth) arrived in the mail today...the mashuia is in the vegetable crisper ( with the bees...which have molded again...a teaspoon of bleach in a cup of water and short soak this weekend )until may when it is done with the frost business ( my surmise is that the danger may be well over long before may but we will wait )...and the yacon rhizomes have been potted in the basement until pretty much the same time...the ramps and the new growth asparagus are doing fine along with the onions and garlic...there is early spring movement...things are picking up...spuds are next, early next month ( which is soon enough )...more as it comes up.

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