Wednesday, April 8, 2015

new ramps and mashua

getting abetter feel for the ramps and found two more up and running...the one in the top photo was hiding under some leaf litter while the one in the second photo is just about to launch some second set of ,mashua tubers came ups to day ( third photo ) and i got an email from jesse at the potato introduction station saying my germmplasm would be here spuds! and for the asking...i have yacon coming as well so my season is coming together...ran into mariette who lives in the apartments next to the community garden at he supermarket next to the industrial field this evening...she asked about planting day and i told her i assumed it would be later in may but had no concrete date to give her...that season remains unclear as yet...certainly there won't be any movement beyond what parker! and i have done until things warm up a bit...there will be postings about the spuds and the yacon as they arrive..and the ramps and garlic and teosinte out back as well as any movement in the community garden...stay tuned.

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