Sunday, April 5, 2015

zea ears and roots

seeds are becoming ever more visible on the teosinte plant in the basement...the tandem ear at the top leaf node ( top photo ) has two well defined ears and the seeds of the second one are beginning to show through the husk...the second eruption of silks on the ear at the second leaf node ( second photo ) signals the emergence of a second ear there as well...while i was rooting around the back yard i pulled up the stalk form the largest outdoor teosinte pant from last season ( third photo...on the deck by some potatoes )...the fourth photo is of the tiers of support roots the plant produced and a sure sign that this is a member of the zea family and it is a trait the "wild and weedy" maize ancestor passed on to the domesticate as the last two photos of show...the fifth photo id dense yellow #2 field corn in the field behind the big box stores and the sixth is maize from the community garden...last season...all are matter how much monsanto screws around with genes.

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