Friday, April 17, 2015

spuds away

i was supposed to meet parker! this evening at the garden but she is feeling a bit under the weather so we rescheduled for next week ( feel better soon parker! )...i has some potato plant i was planning on putting in the bed i am running in the community garden this year ( which already has jerusalem artichokes up and running...see the next post for that adventure...and which...i believe..will see mashua and yacon as well ) so i went out there and put them in before is curried home for other obligations...they are ( top to bottom ) german butter ball, ollala. early blue, and all red ) had a nice chat with a member of the library staff who said she was uncertain of being able to attend planting day...i told her if push comes to shove i would build her a bed she could plant hen she found time..we'll see what transpires...found earthworms as i dug up numerous rouges and such...always a good sign

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