Sunday, April 26, 2015

...and how it was disposed.

so i mixed a bit of top soil, sphagnum moss, vermiculite, and compost together to fill two containers about half way ( top two photos )...i planted the lone all red in a container by itself taking care to bury all those stolons ( third photo ) growing off the stem and leaving only about the top inch and a half exposed ( fourth photo )..i want those stolons to grow tubers, not leaves...i spaced the three german butterballs at equal distances from one another about two inches in from the edge of the pot to give them about ten inches of space between them ( fifth photo ) i planted them, taking care to bury as many of the stolons on that over-chitted spud as i could for the same reason as the all red...want tubers, not these plants grow i will be filling in the pot around the base of the stems ( hilling )to stimulate more stolon and tuber production...the season never really stops...there are still potatoes growing under the lights in the basement hopefully producing more seed's just that when spring rolls around things get a bit busier...more on all the gardens as things come up.

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