Wednesday, June 4, 2014

truck garden

dna is relentless stuff and if you give seeds even a hint of the proper environment they will germinate...when you use your truck to haul gardening necessities to several gardens things happen...compost gets spilled...seeds fall off plants that have died back and been's open tot he rain...enough elements to tell seeds to start and that's what i found in the bed of my truck today...there's some lamb's quarters growing in there but what really caught my eye was the asparagus...germinated form seed i cleared form the pgp last autumn, i found six plants up and running...they come up in clusters like that because the "berries" each have two or three seeds in them...good conditions = all germinate close together...i pulled the m up carefully and separated them from one the third photo you can still see the seed case on the root system n the side towards the interior of the bed...they are fresh...altogether there were six and i took the opportunity to add some more true perennials to the garden in hopes that they prosper...if they do we can start harvesting fresh asparagus in 2018 and they should produce, if properly cared for until 2038...they are perennials after all.

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