Friday, June 6, 2014


the beds in the community garden are getting greener by the day and chief among the green providers is maize...the sweet corn in the second photo is of an eighty day variety and will be ready in august...more on that as it develops...sharing as well...the plants in the two last photos are showing telltale signs of being hopi blue maize because they are tillering...the one in the third photo has a tiller on the left and the one in the last photo on the right...each should produce a secondary stalk and an ear of corn...we are not familiar with the habits of dakota black or apache red, but this is behavior that we have seen before and that means the seed from the maize we grew last season in the old garden is viable...a connection between the old and the new...and a traditional heirloom crop...more as it grows and the ears "blue"

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