Thursday, June 5, 2014

covert backyard

some of the plant population out in my back yard is being far more discrete than some other denizens of that suburban jungle...some of the grape vines hanging in the elm tree at the end of what passes for a patio are in full leaf now and this particular cluster is hiding the fact that the vine is preparing to flower...i see a bunch of grapes in the making and i see some sort of preserves, jelly, sauce, or juice...depending on my mood in the was jelly last year ( and no coach i haven't forgotten your request for a refill ) and may be again in september...time will tell...the asparagus plant hiding out in the shadow of the red pontiacs is back for a second season...sprouted from seed i naturalized in the fall of 2012 ( in the midst of all the issues from the fire i was till was still my yard ) it seems to be doing well and is actually as tall as the potato plants...obviously it has the sun it needs and will be there after the spuds are harvested...doubtlessly there is more hiding out back there is why i am always surprised...and, in general, pleasantly...the garden ( such as it is...more like patches of human intervention in an overgrown yard ) is good...stay tuned.

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