Sunday, June 1, 2014

...meanwhile, behind the big box stores

the field behind the big box stores is still unplanted and it is still has become home to whatever nature has at hand to put in there...overwhelmingly dandelions ( third if you couldn't tell ) and queen anne's lace ( last photo even though it might be difficult to tell because the flowers are just emerging )...this was a no-till bean field last year that was heavily mulched for winter which led me to believe it would be in production again this season...the monoculture rotation dictates that this be a corn field this year, but it is getting late...the field just across sterling creek road was planted in corn last month and it has finally come unstalled with warmer weather...a consecutive planting in beans isn't a complete impossibility...or even a late crop of alfalfa...but the clock is relentlessly ticking here and time is short...more as it comes up...if it does.

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