Thursday, June 19, 2014

grape tree and pod corn

wandering around the back yard in a gentle rain ( another .13 of an inch...4.07 this month according to the back yard weather station ) and having a look around...yes those are grape leaves in the elm tree and they are sheltering nascent grapes...i am still somewhat agog at the work that plant has done over the last few decades to colonize the tree...looking forward to another harvest in september...fern's pod corn is in the community garden and it's in my yard and doing just fine in both places...we will see about squirrels ( and the newly found raccoon living in a tree in the yard ) later...bottom photo is one of four stands of th e elentless jerusalem artichokes out there...this is the "official" one in that it was intended...two of the others are simply a failure to eradicate and the fourth is the "natural rainfall only" as opposed to "water as needed" harvest result's alive out there and that's what keeps me interested.

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