Friday, June 27, 2014

population explosion

oh there's an explosion alright...the top photo was taken looking west across the garden fifteen days ago and the second one was taken this evening..see what i mean? the rain has eased up and the sun has appeared and the plants are responding across the beds with impressive growth...there are some isn't perfect...never is...but that doesn't mean there's no progress...we are good and that is fine news...there are green tomatoes on multiple plants ( we have seven )and the pole bean vines in the bottom photo have found maize plants all along the beds and have started to leaf..bloom sand beans sure to follow...if we continue to harvest the beans as they appear the vines will continue to produce all season...fresh green beans? green bean casserole? perhaps even some soup...time to revisit some recipes...a casserole and some corn fritters? eating the produce is as satisfying as growing the garden...they go along with one culture is the bedrock of a community ( also the most conservative element of many cultures...people don't like to budge from what they call food and don't adapt to new ones readily...maize and potatoes are world class staples now but they started out in new places as "famine food" and subsistence of the poorest of the poor who could not afford "real food" ) and food and community are why we are here...harvest = fiesta..i, for one, can't wait.

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