Thursday, June 5, 2014

overt backyard

there's stuff in plain sight out there as well...there are a few early blue potatoes up and they are exhibiting rather darker foliage than i am used to in a spud...if they follow the pattern of the basement generation ( that's where these came from ) they will green up as they mature...the jerusalem artichokes in the rainfall only program are doing well even though the bed is a bit shady...harvest will provide the definitive statement on success or failure...the winter rye on the south side of the house is shot through with hairy vetch that has hitched a ride up into the sunshine on the rye stalks..there is nitrogen being fixed in there...the last photo shows that there is teosinte in the yard again this least five annual strain plants...hoping for a seed ear bonanza again this season...we are rolling along towards high summer...more as it comes up.

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