Friday, June 20, 2014


gardening doesn't start in may and end in is pretty much an all year event if you include planning and acquiring seeds...the garden is doing well and form a distance the season appears to be picking up steam...except it started last autumn in the old garden and several elements of it made the move this spring...there will be a sequential harvest in the garden...some plants will produce non-stop for the duration of the season once they start...the cucumbers, pole beans, and tomatoes leap to mind...others will simply produce and end their season..the garlic in the second photo is going to be the first plant harvested...they are already yellowing and beginning to die back...but they have been up for three months...meanwhile the cucumbers in the third photo are just getting started after about a month...the potatoes ( ollala, russet, and german butterball )in the bottom photo should be the first spuds to come in...others along the beds should provide harvests into september if we planned varieties was planned to be sequential but there is no guarantee that the linear progression will, critters, and luck will have a say as well.

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