Friday, October 17, 2014

let's take a break from teosinte shall we?

plant ancestors are a passion...but so are tubers and this one is ready to move along...this early blue has been chitting away fro a time and the sprouts are half an inch or better and the body of the spud is starting to shrivel...a sure sign it's time to get i sliced it ( a bit unevenly but no worries ) in two to double my opportunity for producing plants...put the pieces in a box to callus for the next twenty-four hours ( a hint about a post tomorrow ) until i plant them and send them under the lights...they will be outside for some air and natural light...but temperatures forecast to be in the mid-thirties ( fahrenheit )tomorrow night mean an indoor stay ( and frost cloth on the teosinte outside...sorry...there is no rest from it )...they will be out as much as possible to get a natural start...but the season will end in the basement...hopefully with seed potatoes for next spring.

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