Tuesday, October 28, 2014

scorzonera and friends

the scorzonera seed i planted weekend before last is up and running...the top photo is what it looked like twenty-four hours ago and the second was taken less than an hour ago...my friend fern tells me it has been grown extensively in europe since the middle ages and research tells me it was considered a sovereign remedy against the bubonic plague...research also informs me it is part of the sunflower family...another sunflower root crop...imagine...it also tells me that harvesting can be difficult since the roots are fragile and lose nutritional value easily when broken...they also contain a latex which makes the broken roots sticky..this will be interesting as it progresses...the early blue under the lights continue to develop leaves ( third photo ) and the northern tepehuan teosinte down there seems to be far more robust than past indoor attempts...sturdier and not nearly so "leggy" as earlier attempts at indoor growth...perhaps the broader spectrum lights were worth the investment...we will see what happens.

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