Tuesday, October 28, 2014

viability X...zea mexicana and a recap

that zea mexicana seed from 2010 that had germinated a few days ago was ready to plant ( top photo ) so i did the standard compost/potting soil mix, watered it well, planted the seed ( second photo ) and put it under the light with a plant grown from seed i brought in from the back yard last autumn...overall it looks like there will be annual teosinte in 2015...i started three of those seed si brought in from out back last fall and two germinated..66%...the data from the seed i took off one of the plants in the basement i "finished" down there lats autumn was skewed by mod...originally i soaked nine seeds but six were lost to mold...66% gone...two of the remaining three germinated so you could call it a 66% success rate among the remaining seeds or 22% overall...five of the six seeds i bought from native seed search in 2012 germinated...so 83% there...and so far one of seven zea mexicana seeds from 2010 has come to life for 14%...the data from that isn't complete yet as i intend to let the seeds left in the baggie go at least another week before i call an end to the trials...still, things look good for teosinte next year.

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