Thursday, October 30, 2014

almost ripe

the cornfield behind the big box stores with spiffy curbs and street lights ( top two photos ) is still "available" ( third photo ) for whatever commercial prospects you might have in store for it...a dearth of takers this year resulted in a crop of dense yellow #2 that has just about come to fruition...not quite yet though...there's till some green in the leaves even though the husks are dried and in some cases splitting open like the ones in the fourth photo ( and what's up with that secondary ear? are those kernels in there? looks odd...if i can find it again this weekend i will take another look...would they really extrude a mutant into hot pockets? ) harvest is a bit of a ways month perhaps...certainly before thanksgiving...there are some impressive support roots out there ( fifth photo )...i am interested in all sorts of zea morphology and support roots strike me as an excellent adaptation...but that's just me...there are some wild flowers blooming out there at the tail end of october...the season hangs on..but they're talking about a possibility of snow tomorrow and that could be that...even if it doesn't stick.

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