Sunday, October 19, 2014

transplant city

two more of the native seed search teosinte seeds from 2012 ( topp photo ) have come to the point of being transplanted ( second and third photos )...that makes five of six seeds that have germinated...and while i chose only darker seeds ( a denser germ i believe ) to attempt this with there are a multitude of them left so i think i am safe...i just put some of the seeds the coach returned to me ( thanks mik! ) in a peroxide soak so we will see what is up with them in a few days..the bottom two photos are of tesointe plants born of seeds i finished in my basement last fall and rescued from the mold in the baggie...six days in ad doing is looking a bit "leggy" to me but it has reached up nearly to the grow light it is under...hopefully that proximity will slow its vertical reach and let it concentrate on a bit more root.

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