Monday, October 27, 2014

late season spuds

while i was rummaging around in those beds of clover i stumbled on three potato plants all but obscured by the legume as they died back...the first was the early blue in the top photo...curious after that find i looked about a bit and found a yukon gold that yielded the spuds in the second photo...the third photo is of the of the early blues after i removed them from the roots and the fourth is the haul from the third plant i found which was an all red...brought them home and washed them up then weighed them...three plants produced 2 pounds 8.375 ounces of tubers at the end of october...there are still a few early blues up and running in the pgp mostly because they are still trying to produce potato fruits...i will be interested to see what they produce..but not until after a killing frost...which should be soon...i was planning on turning the clover under in spring because, like cow peas, it seems to be a green manure that wants to colonize a whole bed...but after finding this production from three small potato plants ( and reading "the one straw revolution " ) i do believe i would like to leave one intact to inter-plant with a variety of early spring plants ( beets, turnips, etc. ) that will go in when the clover is compressed and somewhat weakened by winter...just to see if the results could be as good...there may be good reason come spring to conserve every possible square foot of bed space for food plants but i may feel compelled to keep one experimental bed running...we'll see.

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