Monday, October 27, 2014

still green...still producing

the green peppers i found last thursday have all but disappeared..which is the point of growing them...this one will be gone as soon as it gets a bit larger...the yellow peas and winter rye in the fall green manure mix are doing fine ( second photo )...the peas are annuals and will set nitrogen only until frost kills them but the winter vetch and winter rye will continue to work in tandem to provide the beds with nitrogen and organic matter...the new zealand white clover is as lush as ever and there are several plants intercropped among them soaking up the nutrients...there is mashua in the third photo ( think nasturtium leaves and you may be better able to pick the single plant out of all that green ) and i have hopes of tubers to replant...and there is some asparagus poking its head up through the legume in the fourth photo...enjoying late autumn sun and a free feed by the clover...there's more to the clover story coming along in the post about the spuds.

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