Saturday, October 11, 2014

things are coming along

a check on things down in the basement led to some interesting discoveries that have me fairly pleased...the top photo is of the mold rescued seed i harvested from last year's plants down in the basement... a second seed has erupted in growth and the first one has root hairs clearly visible ( top photo )the more advanced one will be ready for transplant in a few more days...then outside to get a start and under the lights for winter to see if my skills can cope the meantime a second of the store bought seed from 2012 has begun to germinate as well...both are moving slowly so i moved the whole bunch upstairs to a bit warmer climate to see if that moves them a surprise development ( for me ) seed that i brought in from the outdoor plants at the end of last fall have begun to germinate as well ( third photo )...suddenly my teosinte options are expanding and i see a stand from each type of seed...geeked is a mild term for my viewpoint on this...i have a lot of seed still in ears on the plants down stairs ( fourth photo )...perhaps a thorough rinse will eliminate some of the mold issues before i "naturalize" some seed to over winter in the ground with more to follow in march...finally one if the early blue potatoes i brought in in august has begun to "chit"...the sprouts are about 1/8 and 3/16 of an inch long respectively...if these are the only sprouts to develop this spud will be split down the middle and planted as part of the over winter seed potato project...the gardens will not sleep this winter...not fully anyway...the focus will just move indoors...more as it comes up.

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