Thursday, October 9, 2014

yesterday's moldy seed ( or, viability V )

when i went downstairs to check on the teosinte germination experiment i was fairly certain that i would find progress in the store bought seed...and i did ( top photo ) but not nearly as much as i would have liked...still it's coming along...i wasn't sanguine about the home grown seed and the first two baggies i opened confirmed this viewpoint...but...i had saved the baggie that held the seed i had taken from the plants still in the basement five days ago and found sprouting mold a few days later for last since my expectations were low...silly me...there is definite movement there and no mistake...that's a root there folks...on a seed that sat in my basement for over a year and which was in a mold incubator a couple of days ago...good the extent that i am considering harvesting a few more ( and rinsing them thoroughly and drying them before a peroxide soak ) and seeing what happens...there is a plant grown from seed i "finished" last season in the yard and it is about nine feet tall and sprouting ears...and it is exhibiting behavior i haven't seen before...producing both ears and flowers from the same auxiliary bud...and in multiple places ( bottom photo )...the third photo is of a set of nifty tandem ears...this has got to be my favorite plant.

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