Wednesday, October 8, 2014

more dichotomy

it's a peculiar time in the garden if you look at it with the right eyes...things are seemingly winding down...the maize is long gone...the potatoes ( mostly )and garlic from last june...the peppers are just about done...yet there's still a lot going on...the winter rye ( top photo )we recently planted to augment the clover is coming along...that's new growth...and many of the alfalfa plants have developed a second true leaf ( second photo ) and the cherry tomatoes in the third photo are still ripening away...there's some fall-like colors creeping into the pole bean vines but they are still blooming ( fourth photo ) and there are still nascent beans ( bottom photo )the green manure and cover crops will winter past mild winters they haven't even pulled in their chlorophyll...and if they do they will "green" again in spring...the garden never stops.

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