Saturday, February 13, 2016

bee prepared (groan)

i purchased a nesting block last year and this week the new bee house i ordered arrived so the new bee season is half-way complete...proper placement of a ten foot 4X4 to allow placement of the house about seven feet off the ground and then the june arrival of the bees will start a new season...last season's leaf cutters hatched out well but failed to reproduce...i have been researching their needs and behaviors and...hopefully...have a better understanding of what is necessary to produce a home grown generation of bees for 2017 the nesting block is a move in the correct direction and may provide space for local bees to nest as well...that would be ideal and is where i hope to find myself....with a self-perpetuating colony of solitary, non-aggressive bees...pop in in the third week of june for an update.

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