Sunday, February 28, 2016

indecisive winter and frost heave

last wednesday's cold is gone...60+ degrees (fahrenheit) in the back yard micro-climate this morning...the snow that was covering the green manures in the future potato patch has receded and the winter rye, clover , and vetch seem unperturbed...there is still life there...the ramp bed ( fifth photo ) may look like nothing much is happening...but we know better...the single ramp i found up last week survived the snow ( didn't think it wouldn't ) and is still greening up...however, rummaging around the leaf litter mulch in the bed i came across a couple more victims of the frost heave resulting from the on again off again winter we are having here...i replanted them...don't wan them to dry out or be eaten...and covered them back up with mulch as there is more snow ( on again ) in the forecast for the middle of next week...and by next weekend, if the pattern holds, i'll be out looking for more ramps evicted from the bed by frost heave..i presume much of an sort of climatic stability is out the window...i also presume the garlic will chime in soon enough...then there's the community garden's season to dwell on...i wonder if there is any planning going on..besides unmulching the garlic...time will tell...won't it?

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