Saturday, February 27, 2016

yacon propagation: cuttings

these two yacon plants have seen better days and with the recent explosion of the spud population i need the room under the it was harvest time...but not before i attempt to propagate some new plants...i already have three up and running form the rhizomes i planted in december so there will be plants...and there are pieces of tuber in the vegetable crisper...still...i need to try new things so the first process i tried ( there is another blog post to this...too much for just one ) was taking cuttings...i chose stems on two plants and cut the tops off just above a leaf node, making sure to take cuttings showing new growth, and planted them in peat pots in a mix of potting soil, compost, and vermiculite...there should be some time before ( if ) they take root and begin to grow so the peat pots should do as a home until they can be hardened off and transplanted outdoors after the last frost...this is a new procedure for me so we'll see if i did it correctly and established a new season of plants or if i will need to try again with cuttings from next season's plants.

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