Saturday, February 27, 2016

yacon propagation: root crowns

the second method of yacon propagation i tried today was replanting the root crowns after harvest...having worked with asparagus this is a method i am more familiar with and more certain of results...the fist plant yielded a few tubers and had a clear rhizome that you can see in the second photo in the upper left where the two stems meet...i removed the tubers and cut back the old stems and replanted the whole crown in a mix of compost and potting soil...the second plant yielded some larger tubers and the rhizome on the crown of this one had already begun to green and produce leaves ( seventh photo ) i planted it with the leaves exposed in a planter with the same soil mixture...i am pretty confident of these two coming along well to add to the three already up and two plants yield tubers and, at least, five new plants...i am pleased with the results and am hoping the cuttings make it seven plants...i got a fair harvest of "ground apples" into the bargain...a fair saturday morning's work.

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