Saturday, February 6, 2016

chits to plants

there has been chitting in the storage bins and no mistake..the small tuber in the topp phot is, i believ, another ollala and it has been working away in the dark...the second tuber is a german butteball and the others, despite the color, are all reds...( the chits are a bright red, if nothing else )...i planted the two smaller tubers in peat's early february but these are probably destined to be transplanted into the yard in march...the german butterball and the rest of the reds i put in larger containers and will grow in the basement for seed tubers...since they won't be done until may the containers will probably find their way outdoors after spring arrives...they will be part of the march-april-may-june-july cyclical plantings that will being harvests in june, july, august, september, and there are two more varieties down there to join the huaycu, early blue, ollala, and elmer's blue already in progress...there will be spuds in 2016.

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