Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ends = beginnings

there's always movement in the basement but there isn't always transition...that's what we have tonight though...the potato plant ( ollala ) in the first photo has found the end of its season so i pulled it up and found multiple tubers...some very small which i simply plowed back into the container and a couple of fair sized ones that went into the seed potato bin for spring planting...so what may seem to be and end is also a beginning...another step in the dialectic of life..the parent plant begets seed which creates new plants..cyclical...no real end...no real beginning...the ( from left to right ) huaycu, early blue, and the nameless plant grown from a tuber produced by a plant grown from true seed are all going strong and will follow the ollala's lead in time...for now they are green, upright, and vibrant...one of the yacon rhizome sprouts ( fifth and sixth photos ) has gone beyond simply greening and has begun deploying leaves...from the top it looks very much like the new growth on one of the established yacon plants in the bottom photo...understandable...they're related.

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