Sunday, February 21, 2016

more ramp news

finding a ramp trying to sprout yesterday perturbed me to the extent that i went back out n this afternoon and pulled back the leaf litter ( in the wild they grow in the forest so you need to have shade and leaf humus...i have both in quantity enough to deceive the plants ) mulch to get a better idea of what is going on out there...what i found was the same ramp i saw yesterday and another that had been ejected from the bed by frost heave ( the temperatures are fluctuating around here 60+F yesterday, 37F right now and dropping below freezing tonight so i replanted it...even though the soil is still frozen about four inches down...then i dragged a rake out of the tool shed and raked up a pile of leaf litter from the lawn ( actually ground cover...grass won't grow in that much shade..there's a lot of moss neighbors, suburban lawn freaks that they are, probably question the shade, the moss, and my disdain for raking...truth is i have use for the leaves beyond letting the city compost them ) and covered the beds with another six to eight inches of leaves...that should be enough to fend off frost damage...ramps are early risers and cold hardy but i am inclined to think this one has seriously jumped the gun...we'll see soon enough.

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