Tuesday, February 23, 2016

well, chit.

i was puttering around in the basement, relaxing after work...and trying to rearrange plants for better light access when i stumbled on a box of potatoes i had put down there a couple of months ago...holy chit! they were making it known that they were more than ready to be planted...the early blue, ollala, and german butter ball ( third-fourth-fifth )were well sprouted...perhaps over sprouted...so into peat pots and the seventeen new plants were distributed as well as they could be temporarily...it will be time, i think, to harvest the yacon, propagate new plants from cuttings, eat the tubers, and redeploy the spuds into a more rational arrangement...now to keep them running until the can go outside...there may be early planting in the community garden...in the yard...at my daughters'...all over...season is well underway...ready or not.

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