Friday, November 30, 2012

asparagus and beans

the grow light i installed in the basement has weekend has been effective as the old one has slowed the growth of the industrial soybean which was growing entirely too tall as the natural light has become both less direct and of less duration...instead of investing energy in vertical growth it has begun to develop a third tier of leaves and hopefully a more extensive root system...the asparagus plant i identified by the seed casing has begun to both green up and "fern"...if it continues to develop well and grow ii will be soaking more of the seeds i harvested form the campus garden and starting more plants to put in the bed at the iuncg in the spring...i was ( and still am ) prepared to resort to purchasing year old crowns to populate the bed but i would much prefer to grow the plants from seeds...the usda sent me some zea diploperennis seeds that arrived here today so i will begin to scout out suitable locations for both them and the northern tepehuan teosinte...spring is only about 110 days away.

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