Sunday, November 25, 2012

sprouts and droughts

last day of the long weekend (for me ) and everyone is at work but and at loose ends i drove over to campus not expecting much from a closed garden...i was mistaken in that...despite the recent cool off i discovered that the brussels sprouts are still producing..small but harvestable i brought them in and left the plant up to see if there is any more movement there...the wheat grass from kansas is still up and running...the palmer drought indices long-term hydrological conditions still show us in a moderate drought and the moisture content in the soil in the garden reflects that...if the wheat grass refuses to go dormant ( and as i recall the winter wheat i planted on campus and at home last year never did go dormant due to the weird winter) ) i will have to start watering...if i need to water plants in december i will go toe to toe with the staunchest climate change denier with absolutely no fear ( and while we're on the subject have a shufti at the n y times op-ed piece about new york's eventual submersion in the atlantic )...i've been sold on climate change for quite a while...a watering can in december in northwest indiana ( recently moved into usda hardiness zone 6 )mshould ice that for anyone...iknew there would be life in the garden again...i just hadn't thought i'd find it so soon...stay tuned...this could be an even weirder winter than last year..what's that old proverb about living in interesting times? or was that a curse?

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