Thursday, November 22, 2012

beans III(a)

a pre-thanksgiving dinner trip out to the supermarket for pesky forgotten items took me to the vicinity of the soybean field so after i put the purchases in the vehicle i wandered over tot he edge of the parking lot and took a look...the winter cover crop is doing well ( as are the wheat grass plants on campus and in the back yard...more on that after a campus trip late this long weekend ) and, surprisingly so are the a degree anyway...there are still a lot of ungerminated seeds and a large number of seed pods about and there are still seeds that are germinating as well...this in spite of a hard frost this past week ( and still the germinating seeds are those that are protected by old bean stalks and other organic matter...i haven't seen anything that is in an exposed area )...but there is nothing out there the size of the bean plant here under the acacia ( and that acacia always puts me in mind of the acacia on the landing in the boardinghouse in the novel "steppenwolf"...hesse wrote that while he was in his mid-fifties and that may be why it resonated so much more for me when i reread it recently...i believe i will post a photo ) and i think the temperature is the cause...anything that grows large enough to be exposed is being done in by the the beans are still behaving in a counter-intuitive manner by germinating in november..more on this and the dense yellow number two field as i get out to them later this weekend.

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