Saturday, November 10, 2012

dense yellow #2 versus suburban sprawl

critics of the industrial agriculture system like wes jackson and wendell berry as well as defenders of "dense urban corridors" like jeb brugman all point out the folly of the conversion of farmland to that the cornfield i have been looking at all summer is harvested you can see how close that suburbs really are...three "big box stores" in a row just to the north and a lovely green sign with what looks almost like bp/ammoco's sun advertizing the land's availability for inclusion in that produced a crop ( no matter how questionable ) but how many more? who knows...there's still a fair amount of the crop in the field and ,unlike the soy beans, none of it is germinating ( at least not until spring when, if nothing else, some of ...the kernels i borrowed form the wastage will at least try )...the leftovers probably won't go to waste the weather gets colder birds, squirrels, field mice, and, probably, deer will glean the kernels...which is as it should be...some of the few survivors will become next spring's "volunteers" which will be obvious if there is another crop and farmer brown rotates the field with beans...if it is dense yellow # 2 again "volunteers" may be difficult to discern...i will be out there though come april or may ( earlier, perhaps, if the climate has reached a new [ and possibly short lived ] "normal" ) looking for diesel powered farm machinery plowing, sowing, and injecting anhydrous ammonia as another industrial cycle starts.

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