Thursday, November 15, 2012

fifty-fourth day of autumn

the weather has turned markedly cooler here in the last week or so...i saw some snow flurries earlier one morning this past week on the way to work and the garden is pretty well shut down for the season...the only thing still up and running is the wheat grass...the brussels sprouts in the background have seen better days and will be coming out next time i can get out here...the mulch repairs seem to have survived the wind with no problems and, if past experience holds true, should be good for the winter...most of the work out there over the next few months will be checking on the grass the meantime the oddly timed industrial soy bean seems to be doing well in a fairly cool, low light has deployed two new leaves and shows signs of new growth at the top...the mixed medium of potting soil and composted manure seem to be to its liking...i have to say that i have gotten a scarlet runner bean to germinate and grow well in the dead of winter...but that is an early spring planter adapted to cold beans ( to the best of my knowledge and going by the industrial seed companies planting guides ) aren't...the hopi blue i planted the other day remains quiet and i suspect it will do nothing more ...time reinvest in a heat mat and grow light so i can start plants early next year.

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