Wednesday, November 21, 2012

beans III

the little soybean i brought home at the end of october and planted in some potting soil and compost is thriving in the cool temperatures and low light ( or. more accurately, shorter day length ) and has grown to over six inches in height in a mere three weeks ( to the point that i have begun to contemplate just what larger pot i will be transplanting it into and what i will be using for it to vine on ) this all strikes me as unnatural, particularly since the web site for all the industrial seed giants place soybean planting firmly in the spring...the hopi blue maize and the asparagus seeds haven't budged so just to see what happens i have begun soaking a couple of industrial corn kernels in water and i will be planting them over this holiday weekend to see what ( if anything ) comes up...sometime this weekend i am planning to take an excursion out to the bean field and the corn field to have a look around...i am a bit leery of this because both fields are near retail establishments and there will be a real chance of serious traffic...obviously friday is not a good time for this so i am thinking the post will be up later in the weekend...a maintenance trip out to campus is on the agenda as well...crowds and traffic should not be an issue there...more on the kansas born wheat grass friday.

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