Saturday, December 29, 2012

a sterling field

the cornfield along sterling creek road has the most suburban amenities of any field i've blacktop, concrete curbs, street lights...the whole development also seems to have a new real estate broker...seems cbre/bradley wasn't doing the job of turning it from cornfield to subdivision with sufficient of luck tot hem...i still found a lot of corn on cobs out there...mostly on the north side of the field, closer to the strip mall and the 24/7 traffic at the super walmart...have to think it will be the last side of the field to be gleaned...when the critters are hungry enough not to be frightened...if you look closely at the left of the photo ( top one ) of the hospital ( another amenity for a burgeoning it and they will will the profits, but that is a subject for a different blog ) you can just make out the edge of the sprawl...i wonder if there will be another crop on sterling creek in 2013.

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