Saturday, December 1, 2012

another first on the first

sustained precipitation of any sort has been a rarity hereabouts for most of last month and the first of december hasn't really changed that...with highs forecast to be in the upper fifties and into the sixties ( fahrenheit ) i made a trip out to campus to check on the kansas bred wheat is anything but dormant and the ground is bone i found myself watering outdoor plants on the first of december for the first time ever..the winter wheat i planted last year never did go dormant and i have to wonder if this wheat grass is going to follow that pattern...the forage variety of wheat grass that i planted in the garden in 2010 is still up and running as well ( it is, however, well established and with an extensive root system that i run into every time i harvest yams so i was not as concerned about watering those plants as opposed to the ones i just put in last september ) so that may be a useful gauge of what the climate is morphing into as well as the confused eastern gamagrass ( see the last post )..a second strange winter in a row ? could be...i'm no good at divining the future...we'll just have to see what unfolds...everybody talks about the weather...gardeners obsess about it...i nearly neglected to say i did some weeding on the first of december as well...another first. ( you can see some non-sanctioned growth in the third photo )

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