Tuesday, December 4, 2012

maize, asparagus, and an industrial bean

developments indoors...some expected...some not...the green spike is turning into a maize plant which is pretty much what i expected...the small asparagus sprout that has cropped up in the pot was something of a surprise and a complication...it can't stay there and the sooner it's transplanted the better...it is also small and delicate and i have clumsy fingers at best...here's hoping for the best...the other asparagus plant is coming along well... it can stop the vertical growth and "fern" soon to feed the roots any time it likes...the industrial soy bean is looking a bit otherworldly as it has ( hopefully ) stopped its vertical growth now that it has the advantage of the basement grow light and begun to deploy more leaves...if my asparagus thrives i will be starting more later this month to put in the iuncg in the spring...if it all fails i can always buy some year old crowns...not my first choice for a number of reasons but still an option...more as it comes up.

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