Saturday, December 8, 2012

late season

rather a raw december morning for poking around in the garden but i went out to campus anyway just to see what was up... it has rained a bit since last saturday so i didn't have to water ( i did pull some weeds though )...there's still movement out there but it is slowing...the intermediate wheat grass form kansas still isn't showing any sort of signs of dormancy...still green and still growing if my photographic scale is reliable...apparently the shortening days aren't impacting it and it hasn't been below freezing for any prolonged stretch so far this fall so it's chugging along...the gamagrass seems to be headed towards full dormancy however...there is less chlorophyll in the leaves than there was last week so i'm thinking that by next weekend they should be close to completely shut down...they did last year even though the winter wheat never did...the brussels sprouts are beginning to die back but they are still producing bite size sprouts that i have been harvesting for salads...if the wheat grass continues to be stubbornly green the season may meet again this spring just like they did last...winter's around the corner so we'll see if it returns to somewhat traditional parameters or if we go off into new temperature and precipitation territory again.

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